Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here's some highlights from our marriage so far...

Here is Higgins. Don't worry, that's just a nickname. Long story.

It's hard to see but it's a Boy!!

Pregnant women showing off the bellies at the McDavitt's, although you can barely see Andrea's. This was the beginning of August so Andrea is about 16 weeks and Lahren is 23 weeks.

We went to Disneyland in August and I finally got to pose with a Disney character. I was very excited.

Jason and Marissa got married in December.

Ryan with his prom date and friends.

Moving in to our new place at the end of May. We love it.

Del Mar fair ferris wheel.

Jason David and Marissa sportin' their Chargers jerseys at Thanksgiving 07.

Cavan surprised me with a fancy room at the JW Marriott in Las Vegas for our anniversary. It was awesome. So that's our bed.

Face painting one of my beehives at our halloween carnival. We actually invited a bunch of people left homeless from the 07 San Diego fires since they were still burning away. It was fun.

The set-up for when Andrea's family came to stay during the 07 San Diego fires.

Watching SDSU at ASU Oct. 2007

Vivian and me at my birthday. (Cavan's beautiful sister)

Our bag of marshmallows melted and became one huge giant mallow during our camping trip July 07.

It definitely made a mess.

We visited Rexburg so I could see the new temple and stuff. This is where I opened my mission call in the Gardens on campus so Cavan made me pose for a picture.

Ryan really knows how to take control of a horse. In case you can't tell, he's been sitting there for about 10 minutes after the horse trotted over there with no authority from Ryan. It was hilarious.

Riding on the trail in Wyoming that Uncle Steve took us on July 07.

Cavan showing off his pizza making skills on pizza night with Will and Lahren.

Call the fire department! Dad's 52!

Lahren and me checking out the cookware at the fair.

Hanging out at the fair June 07.

The rest of these photos are from our wedding.

Cavan's cousin Jessica's daughter (Hailee)

Ryan broke his thumb. Bummer. I love the cast though.

Mom and Dad Rogers

Kirsten and Al dance'n.

My long lost friend Daniel and his wife and daughter. I was very excited to see them.

Our first dance (married).

We were married in the San Diego temple.